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Why should a good night sleep be at the top of your New Year's resolutions?

Have you already thought about the goals that will be improving your life next year? Is a good night sleep one of them?

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New Year Resolutions: Sleep well

The new year is right around the corner, so now it's a great time to start thinking about the results you want to see in the year comming.

If sleep well is not on your resolutions list, you should definetly consider it. Wea are going to explain to you why.

«A proper sleep influences all other areas of your life. As a consequence, if you want to see an improvement in anything in your life, you have to make good sleeping your top priority.».

#1 Resolution: Sleep well

Of course, in the Tips for Sleeping Well blog, we are always going to recommend that you sleep well, but we are going to explain how sleeping well affects all areas of your life and why if in 2022 you want to improve any area, sleep Well it has to be your priority.

  • Sleeping is key to improving your health and fitness:

A good night sleep has multiple benefits to your body. For instance, if losing weight is one of your resolutions, you will be glad to know that with proper sleep, you are more likely to lose the extra pounds and keep it that way.

And viceversa, people who don't sleep properly are more prone to obesity.

A good sleep also contributes to a rejuvenated mind and body.

A lack of sleep is cumulative. It lowers the immunity system, and it's related to multiple illnesses.

Sleeping well gives you more energy, so you are more willing to exercise and keep yourself fit and healthy.

  • If one of your New Year's resolutions is either improving the relationship with your partner or finding your soulmat

You should know that a good sleep helps improve your sexual life.

It increases the libido.

And viceversa, a lack of sleep contributes to low testosterone levels.

  • Proper sleep also improves family and friends relationships:

It increases your energy levels and gives you a boost. This makes you want to enjoy more and have fun with the people you love.

A lack of sleep makes you grumpy.

Being in a good mood, thanks to proper sleep, makes you more empathetic with friends, family, and even colleagues at work.

  • Maybe your goals are related to improving your mind, career, or finances...

Then, sleeping well has to be a priority when trying to achieve these goals.

A good sleep improves your cognitive performance. It accelerates the thinking process, with less time needed to react, and makes it more effective and productive.

Studies show that a lack of sleep not only leads to wrong decisions, but it also causes bad memory.

All this is directly related toyour finances.

  • Sleeping well is also a priority if you want to improve emotionally:

A proper sleep makes you happy, and a lack of sleep makes you miserable.

Sleeping well provides you with more clear and lucid thoughts.

Sleeping heals emotionally, mentally, and spirituality.

People who sleep well have a better quality of life. They are in a better mood, and they also have better family, social, and working relationships.

Start today your New Year's resolutions, and don't forget to include a good night sleep!.

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