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Although sometimes it is not given the importance it deserves, sleep is just as important as eating or drinking.   A person can go about 4 days without drinking, about 20 without eating but only 6 or 7 without sleeping.  Likewise, sleep is universal throughout the animal kingdom.  Some animals sleep a lot (the bat sleeps 20 hours a day approximately), some sleep little (the elephant sleeps two to four hours a day)

Mujer durmiendo en cama plácidamente

Good sleep has many positive effects on people at the mind and body level, including weight loss, happiness, and cognitive performance.  Promotes better decision-making. Have you heard the saying "I'll sleep on it".


It provides greater vitality and energy, promotes rejuvenation  and even improves sexual life.

Deep and restful sleep is healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

Sleeping well depends above all on the quality of sleep, which is more important than the number of hours of sleep.

Some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation are:

Reaction time and slow thought processes.

Decreased immune function.

Low level of testosterone.

Increased likelihood of obesity. 

Increased irritability.

Memory deficiencies.

Bad decisions.

Sleep deprivation is cumulative and is associated with multiple diseases.

It is also important to know that excessive sleep is associated with disorders such as narcolepsy or depression.

For all this, correct sleep hygiene is very important, which allows you to sleep well.

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