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Free Orientation Session

Thank you for visiting the Sleep Well Tips page.  We would like to invite you to an "Online Orientation Session" with the Psychologist - Coach and Director of Sleep Well Tips Noemí Medina.


It is a free coaching session, in which you will be able to obtain clarity on the keys to a good rest and guidance on what your specific improvement or transformation goals should be in relation to sleep, as well as its correlation with the different areas of your life.


You will also be able to resolve your doubts and obtain guidance on the action plan to achieve your goal.

It is a session that we offer altruistically to the members of the Consejos Dormir Bien community, free of charge, with no obligation or commitment, and I would love for you to request an appointment and for us to chat.

About Naomi Medina

I help my clients gain clarity on their current challenges and how rest determines the improvement of their general well-being in order to have a fulfilling life.

I am a Psychologist and Sleep Coach, specializing in Sleep Medicine.

I am a member of the Spanish Sleep Society (SES), of de la European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and in 2020 I founded the educational space Consejos Dormir Bien to contribute to spreading the importance of having a healthy sleep and helping to achieve it.

As a personal and professional life coach, it is clear to me that achieving your goals, achieving greater well-being and feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life begins with resting well.

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