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If you are not sure what your sleep patterns are, it may be interesting to do a monitoring and analysis of the same in order to improve them.  


You can manually record some parameters,  such as time to go to bed, times you wake up and their duration, etc., but you can also use one device from the multiple and different options that exist.


These devices automatically monitor  sleep and in addition to giving you a more accurate view of the data (for example, the actual hours of sleep do not always coincide with subjective perception); offer data such as heart rate, percentage of time in  light, deep and REM sleep, graphs, recommendations, etc. 

It can be useful to know if all the necessary cycles are being carried out and the duration of each of the phases, since for example during phases 3 and 4 the sleep that allows us to "wake up and feel great" occurs. And for example lack of sleep RE.M is associated with memory problems.

Sleep phase measurement devices allow you to track cycles and each phase. Knowing if there is any deficiency is the first step to be able to incorporate the appropriate measures to correct it.

Among the different systems available, there are rings, such as Oura, activity bracelets such as Fitbit , mobile applications such as the free Sleep Cycle that, in addition to monitoring your sleep with your mobile, has an intelligent alarm that wakes you up, within the range schedule that you choose, at a time that is least disruptive to your sleep cycle.

It is important to bear in mind that not all devices offer reliable data.  Find out well beforehand if you are going to purchase one.  

You should also know that sometimes, the inappropriate or obsessive use of them can cause Orthosomnia.

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