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Blue Light or Blue Light is the wavelength of the light spectrum, which is between 460 and 480 nanometers.

When these waves from a light source enter the eyes,  send a signal to the brain to stop melatonin production.  If this happens at night, it is difficult to fall asleep. 

For this reason, it is important to have  Blue Light blockers and protectors, such as Blocking Glasses de  Blue Light for reading or gaming,  Blue Light Blocking Bulbs, Blue Filter Protector on Laptop Screens,  etc. 

Use them an hour and a half before going to bed.


It is also recommended to sleep with Masks,  to avoid  any bright light in our bedroom.  


Finally, do not forget to activate the Blue Light blocks on your mobile, tablet, etc., since these devices, in addition to the television and some light bulbs, generate Blue Light.

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