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Allies against the
blue light

Blue light, in addition to being harmful to the retina, is one of the factors that influences difficulty sleeping.

These waves coming from a light source such as a mobile phone or a computer screen, when entering  the eyes,  send a signal to the brain to stop melatonin.  If this occurs at night, falling asleep is difficult. 


Fortunately, more and more products are being marketed that block blue light , facilitating an improvement in the quality of sleep.

Next we are going to review some of them. 

blue light blocking glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, don't forget to request that they incorporate anti-reflective treatment the next time you have to renew them.  In this way, you will be protected against blue light.

This type of treatment is available for monofocal, progressive, occupational lenses, etc.  

If you wear contact lenses, check with your optician as there are more and more maras that offer protection against blue light.

If you don't wear prescription glasses but when you go to bed or a couple of hours before, you have the habit of watching TV, using your mobile u  the computer, etc. Blue light blocking glasses incorporate a blue light filter that protects you. 

Gafas blue light.png

Blackout or Opaque Curtains

The sun is key for the brain to understand that it is time to wake up and ideally, we should wake up with the sun, without the need to use alarm clocks. 

However, in our society, this is not always possible.

Blackout or opaque curtains have a different function than protection against Blue Light.  This type of curtain prevents sunlight from entering, making it easier for you not to wake up before the time you you have planned. 

Some are very comfortable, if you have to sleep outside, such as blackout travel curtains , which are folded and, by means of suction cups, they adhere and are easily removed from the windows. 

Another option is light-blocking films , which are adhered directly to the glass and guarantee 100% light blocking. you work shifts, etc.


blue light.png

Screen Photoprotectors

Reticare, leader in protection against Blue Light, which also has its scientific team from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with two Nobel Prize winners as scientific advisors.  


It has designed and patented its eye protector , the only one in the world   to absorb high-energy visible light emitted by smartphones, tablets and computers and which, according to indications, is toxic to your eyes, in addition,  affects circadian rhythms and therefore sleep. 


If you want to get a good night's sleep, it's a good idea to avoid bright light from screens for at least a couple of hours before bed.  


If you are one of those who reads on the tablet in bed or who gives them so much while teleworking or playing on the console, don't hesitate!  choose the model and size of your devices and fix it NOW.


Although it is preferable that you do not use the mobile or screens before sleeping, at least if you do it with the screen protectors, you block the bright light.


Another recommendation is that you choose the option to read white text on a black background (like this page).  This reduces the screen brightness by a ratio of 10:1

Likewise, some applications and the operating systems of the different devices incorporate filters that it is highly recommended that you activate. 

For Windows, the Night Light Settings   and for Apple, the Night Shift .

Avoid light when sleeping

Avoid light in general when sleeping, not just blue light,  promotes sleep. 


For this reason, we have created a list with a wide range of products that help you fall asleep and stay asleep. 


Take a look, sure some products will surprise you!

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