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protect yourself from
the blue light

Now that you know what Blue Light is and the adverse effects it can have, when it comes to falling asleep, you should know that they are not the only effects that you and your family should protect yourself from. Especially if it is about children or adolescents .

Numerous scientific studies warn about the health risks associated with the light emitted by screens.  Among which are producing dry eye, migraines, irreversible vision loss and difficulty sleeping , as the normal functioning of melatonin is altered.


In addition, melatonin is not only responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle, but also plays an important role in the calibration of the immune system that maintains the state of health.

The Ocular photoprotectors are possibly, to date, the best  protection available. 


This is the case of the screen protectors de  Reticare , a pioneering company in protection against this type of light, which, in their own words, " have been scientifically proven to efficiently reduce the effects of blue light emissions from screens and, as a consequence, provide an improvement in the quality of sleep thanks to the proper secretion of melatonin. All this contributes to strengthening the immune system and, therefore, reduces the possibility of suffering from serious systemic and visual diseases with irreparable vision loss (macular degeneration). In addition, it prevents symptoms such as headaches, dry eye, itching, eye fatigue and others." .

We congratulate and are very grateful to Reticare , who wanted to collaborate with Consejos Dormir Bien in improving the sleep health of our followers and customers, and for this reason, they offer us a 10% discount when entering the Code: _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Duerme_Ret when making the purchase in your online store of any of your products para  Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Monitor.

Advertising Conditions:  Exclusive promotion for deliveries in Europe. Offer valid until 12/31/2021 or while coupon stocks last. 

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