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Organize the Bedroom to Sleep Well

How to arrange your bedroom for a better night's sleep

-If you don't sleep well, other areas of your life can also be affected.

Organizing the bedroom can be key to a good night's sleep.

There are few things better or more satisfying than a good night's rest. But sleeping soundly can be a challenge. Life circumstances can disrupt sleep and we cannot control everything that happens in our lives. But we can control our bedroom. Organize your bedroom to sleep well. Make the most of your environment to improve the quality and quantity of sleep and give yourself the best chance of sleeping like a baby

-Your environment affects the quality and quantity of your sleep. Organizing your bedroom often helps you sleep well and improves sleep quality substantially.

Follow these tips that will contribute to the sleep that your body and mind crave:

1. Mattress. Finding the right mattress is essential to getting a good night's sleep.

There are so many options that it's easy to get overwhelmed. If your bed is not comfortable, go to a specialized store or a department store, where they can advise you and you can try some mattresses. Do not be afraid to lie down and imagine for a few minutes that it is your bed. Observe how you feel, if it is very hard or very soft, if you experience pain or if on the contrary you feel good. If possible, avoid saving and choose a good mattress. Do not think so much about the price as about feeling comfortable. Think about how much time you spend sleeping or in bed (a third of the day) and how long you will keep your mattress (easily 10 years). A good mattress is one of the best investments you can make. No less important is choosing a good pillow. You can see our selection in the Amazon Good Sleep Tips store.

2. Light. For most of us, the darker the better.

Minimize the amount of light in your room. Controlling light is especially important if your schedule requires you to sleep during the day. Make sure that your alarm clock, mobile phone or other devices in your bedroom do not emit light. If so, there are black stickers that prevent the pilot light from passing through. There are also special curtains that block light.

3. Noise. Low noise possible is the best option for most.

However, some people prefer to fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean, rain, or white noise. Find out what works for you. If you're forced to sleep in a noisy area, earplugs can help. A fan can also be useful to cover up unwanted noise.

4. Have a drink handy.

If you frequently need to drink during the night, having a drink available on the nightstand prevents you from having to get out of bed and further disturb your sleep. See if drinking during the night makes you go to the bathroom more often, in which case it is preferable to avoid drinking. You may also want to limit eating close to bedtime, as this is a common cause of nighttime thirst.

5. Psychological comfort. What do you need to feel comfortable? A closed door? Windows closed? To be covered?

Create a bedroom situation that is more conducive to sleeping comfortably. Think about what can help make sleeping in bed a pleasure.

6. Temperature. Each of us has a perfect temperature for sleeping.

Studies show that a cool room works best for the average person, but you may not be the average. Experiment and find out what works best for you. An extra blanket or a little adjustment of the thermostat can make a big difference and make you not sleep, or on the contrary, make you sleep better.

7. Electronics. Watches, phones, tablets, and televisions can all contribute to a poor night's sleep.

If possible, keep electronic devices out of the bedroom. Ideally, don't use electronic devices for at least an hour before bed to avoid blue light and make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

8. Pets. For many people, allowing pets in your bed is a serious obstacle to a good night's rest.

However, there are people who feel more comfortable sleeping with their pets. Think about how your pet affects your sleep and whether your sleep might be improved if you avoided sleeping with them.


And you, how do you sleep? Are you making the most of the space in your bedroom to sleep? It's easy to think that any mattress in a room is enough for a good night's sleep. And that is true for some people. However, most of us would benefit from making a few changes to our bedroom. Make sure you create the best sleeping environment you can. You will notice the results and you will be glad you did.

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