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Use your bedroom only for sleeping and for intimate relationships.   


The bedroom should be a space intended solely for sleeping or having intimate relationships.    In this way you can associate it with relaxation and sleep and not with other types of stimuli such as worries, plan tasks, watch TV, etc.

Keep your bedroom clean, tidy, ventilated.   Make it a pleasant space. The decoration, the lighting, the type of bed, box spring, mattress, pillow, bedding, etc., are factors to take into account, since they can benefit or harm the quality of sleep.

The degree of humidity, the temperature and even the company can also influence how you sleep.

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Choosing the rest equipment that best suits your body and your preferences is essential for optimal rest. We give you some keys to properly combine the mattress, the base and the correct pillow.



The core body temperature naturally drops about two hours before going to bed, facilitating sleep. Minimum comfort conditions are needed in the bedroom so that the outside temperature does not interfere with natural thermoregulation and sleep can occur.

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The bedroom should be warm and cozy. The colors, the distribution or the type of materials, among others, can play in your favor or against when it comes to falling asleep.



Within the nightly rituals that prepare you to sleep, some steps can be carried out directly in the bedroom and even while already in bed.


Bedding and Sleepwear

The choice of pillow, sheets, duvet and even pajamas are very personal but you should know that your choice can influence how you sleep.



The quality of the air in the bedroom influences the quality of sleep. Properly ventilate and renew the air in the bedroom every day, it increases oxygen levels and regulates humidity.



Sleeping alone or accompanied by your partner, your children or your pets interferes with everyone's sleep, sometimes for the better and at others for worse sleep.

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Wake Up Well

Just as important as it is to go to bed and sleep well in the bedroom, it is to wake up well. Smart alarm clocks and routines to wake up refreshed, happy and full of energy help you achieve this.

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The sleep-wake cycle is determined by melatonin secretion, among other factors. The production of melatonin, in turn, is closely related to the presence or absence of light. Having the right light and darkness at the right times in the bedroom contributes to proper rest.



Not only do you have to keep the bedroom clean of dirt and dust on furniture, floors, windows, headboards, etc. The hygiene and disinfection of rest equipment is also important.



In the bedroom it is important to avoid bad odors and you can also use aromas that facilitate relaxation and induce sleep.

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Feng Shui Dormitorio.png

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Chinese Feng Shui philosophy is based on finding balance and improving vital energy, through decoration, distribution and orientation. For the bedroom, Feng Shui indicates some specific keys that you can learn about here.

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