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The choice of the pillow should be something personal since there are several aspects that make it comfortable and comfortable and do not have to coincide with the preferences of the person with whom you sleep.  For So choose independently the one that suits you best. 


When choosing, you should mainly take into account the following:

It is recommended that in your choice you try it on a mattress, in the position that you usually sleep so that the cervicals are aligned. 

A correct choice can even help to avoid contractures.



Se recomienda si duermes boca abajo.


Se recomienda si duermes boca arriba.


Se recomienda si duermes de lado.




De gran suavidad. Suele llevar tratamientos antiácaros, antihongos y antibacterias y a veces termorreguladores.

Plumón - Pluma

Suavidad natural.  Gran adaptabilidad al cuello y cabeza mientras ofrece el soporte adecuado.


Se adapta a la forma y posición del cuello por lo que resulta más confortable al disminuir la presión.


Se adapta perfectamente y proporcional gran elasticidad. Ofrece transpirabilidad y confort.


Form and Function

The form and function are also important aspects to take into account when selecting a pillow.  For example, theCervical pillows, provide excellent support for the neck and head and correctly align the spine. 

There are many different shapes and functions of pillows, you can see a selection and buy the one that best suits you here:

Customize your Pillow Case

Personaliza funda

If you have already chosen the right firmness, filling, shape and function of your pillow, you can finish the customization by designing its cover.   Choose a photo, name, text or designs that you like the most and receive your personalized cover to give that special touch to your room and your dreams.

Personaliza funda almohada 3
Personaliza funda almohada
Personaliza funda almohada 2
Personaliza funda almohada5
Personaliza funda almohada 4
Personaliza funda almohada 6
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