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Allies against the 

Insomnia has multiple and varied causes, but sometimes changing small habits and following adequate sleep hygiene guidelines can alleviate or even solve the problem.


Fortunately, there are more and more allies in the fight against insomnia.  Sophrology, Screen Photoprotectors, Aromatherapy, etc., are some solutions  that They make it easy for you to follow hygiene guidelines simply and effectively.

Next we are going to review some of them. 


Sophrology is a discipline that focuses on the study and balance of consciousness.  

It uses relaxation and breathing techniques, body movements and mental activation strategies, in alternative therapeutic techniques, for treatment, among other things, of stress. 


In relation to its applications to sleep, Sophrology improves sleep quality and alterations.


Although the appearance of Sophrology dates back to the 60s, it could not be more in vogue.  Just two years ago, it was launched with great success  Morphée , a new home wellness device, disconnected, (ie not digital, avoiding, smartphone, wifi, etc.)  and that uses Sophrology combined with Meditation, to combat insomnia .  


Morphée , has been designed by sleep unit professionals and has more than 200 possible combinations of guided meditation sessions, breathing, body scanning, visualizations, relaxing music, nature sounds... Result of the type of session, theme of relaxation and  duration.

In short, it is designed so that sleeping soundly   is practically inevitable.



Aromatherapy, or therapy with essential oils, is becoming more widespread, even in the clinical setting.  The controlled use of essential oils to provide a therapeutic response is becoming more and more common, as they can be for the management of pain, anxiety, fatigue or insomnia.

Many firms such as the prestigious L'OCCITANE en Provence have already developed their own  Pillow mists such as the relaxing  Cocon de Sérénité , made up of a cocktail of Lavender essential oils AOP (Protected Designation of Origin), Sweet Orange and Geranium. Its perfume  is 100% natural with proven calming efficacy*.*Efficacy test based on instrumental measurements. According to the brand itself.


Pillow mists perfume the bedroom and bedding. Vaporize the bedroom every night, 15 minutes before bed and voilà! start dreaming!.


Bruma Almohada L´occitane.png

Screen Photoprotectors

Reticare , leader in protection against Blue Light , which also has its scientific team from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with two Nobel Prize winners as scientific advisers.  


It has designed and patented its eye protector , the only one in the world  to absorb high-energy visible light emitted by smartphones, tablets and computers and which, according to indications, is toxic to your eyes, in addition,affects circadian rhythms and therefore sleep. 

Diseño sin título.png

If you want to get a good night's sleep, it's a good idea to avoid bright light from screens for at least a couple of hours before bed.  


If you are one of those who reads on the tablet in bed or those who give them so much teleworking or playing the console, do not hesitate! go to their website   and choose the model and size of your devices. Although it is preferable that you do not use screens before bed, at least if you do it with screen protectors, you block bright light.  


In addition, for being a customer of Tips Sleep Well you have a 10% discount if you enter the code: Sleep_Ret when making your purchase


Conditions: Exclusive promotion for deliveries in Europe. Offer valid until 01/08/2023 or until coupon stocks last. 


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